Guidelines for Investing in IPOs

Guidelines for Investing in IPO

1.Don’t invest blindly in a company having unknown and untried promoters.

First of all you should do a complete research about the past performance of the company and the promoters, and if the promoters have a good reputation then chances are that the company may do well in the future also.


2.Invest in companies that  are having Niche Business.

Companies which have passion for innovation or they are introducing a new products which are not available in the market, companies proposing to manufacture a product which is currently being imported, companies which are introducing a technologically advanced or better quality product, or companies venturing into new areas are considered to be better for investments.


3.Invest in companies that operating in Emerging Sectors of the economy.

it is better to Invest in companies that operate in high-growth sectors of the economy or sectors which are in focus/priority for the government.Such sectors are likely to give very good returns For example the Digital India boom is going on in India , where almost all the companies are operating at full capacity.


4.Companies which have Foreign MNC as promoters.

Companies which have Major MNCs as its promoters are likely considered to be good for investment purpose.


5.Do apply for the mega issues of well-known profit-earning companies.

Mega IPOs ensures better chances of getting a firm allotment.The bigger the size of the issue, the better will be your chances of getting a firm allotment.


List of Multibagger Stocks: (Click on the Company Name)

HFCL Sanwaria Consumer Control Print Ltd CMI Ltd
Tejas Networks Panasonic Carbon India  Majestic Research Sterlite Technologies
Gravita India Vidhi Specialty Foods Aksh Optifibre Dixon Technologies
Apex Frozen Foods Tiger Logistics Vinati Organics Sarla Performance Fibers
Parag Milk Foods JHS Svendgaard Poly Medicure Trident Ltd
Ganesh Benzoplast S.H Kelkar & Company Jain Irrigation VA Tech Wabag
Honda Power products Vidhi Speciality Foods Swelect Energy  Salzer Electronics

For Complete List of Multibagger Stocks Click Here.


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