Sanwaria Consumer Ltd

Sanwaria consumer

About the Company:

Sanwaria Consumer Limited is India’s most preferred FMCG Company with a legacy spanning 25 years, having a multi brand presence both in the domestic as well as in the overseas markets.

In addition to the “SANWARIA” the Company also owns other brand names including “SULABH”, “SANWARIA SETH” and “NARMADA”. While sustaining existing brand names the Company has added “NASHIRA” as its new brand namef for basmati rice to reach put the customers in the gulf countries and mark the presence in the international market.

Sanwaria has adopted strategy to convert its conventional commodity and agro based business into an FMCG Business by adding new product range like like Suji, Maida, Dalia, Besan, Chakki Fresh Atta, Poha, Soya Flour, Sugar Pulses and packaged food, etc. and with upcoming products including Tea, Mustered oil , Soya Pasta.

Company’s premium products basket consist of:

  • Basmati Rice (Exotic & Premium- Raw/Sella)
  • Refined Soyabean Oil, Refined Rice Bran Oil/ Fortified with vitamins,
  • Chakki fresh Atta fortified with Soya Flour
  • Chakki fresh fortified Protein & Iron rich Atta
  • Maida, Suji, Rawa, Besan, Daliya, Pulses (Dals),
  • Soya Flour, Soya Chunks (Bari)
  • Salt, Sugar, Poha
  • Soya Meal, Soya Meal High Protein
  • Rice Flour, Lecithin
  • Aqua Feed
  • Poultry Feed and others.


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The Company has forayed into direct retail by opening up company owned retail outlets under the brand name ‘Sanwaria Kirana’ to reach the end customer directly. The Company has already opened up 11 stores at different locations of Madhya Pradesh and another 10 retail stores are in pipeline.

Company also operates a 100% subsidiary in Dubai to get the overseas market business of Middle East & Africa and initiated the business in Singapore through 100 % Subsidiary which will get business from rest of the world along with cheaper finance facilities.

The current Solvent Extraction capacity of the Company is 2500 ton per day,rice division with 500 ton per day capacity and oil refineries with 250 ton per day.

During the Years, company had introduced many new products to their portfolio ranging from Pulses, Soya Chunks, Soya Flour, Salt, Sugar, Poha, Mustard Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Maida, Suji and many more.

Recently Company has changed the name from “Sanwaria Agro oils Ltd” to “Sanwaria Consumer Ltd” to reflect the changing business of the company.

Company also supplies many of its products to Patanjali, through which they have managed to get huge orders for their products,moreover company’s basmati business in the Middle east is also doing “extremely well”.

P.S: We had recommended Sanwaria Agro 6 months back when the Stock Price was (before the bonus Issue 1:1) Rs.10 (adjusted price Rs.5). Now the stock price multiplied from Rs.5 to Rs.30 currently.(A Massive Profit for all our Subscribers)



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