Dhanuka Agritech Ltd

dhanuka agritech

About the Company:

Dhanuka Agritech Limited manufactures a wide range of agro-chemicals like herbicides, insecticides, fungicides,plant growth regulators in various forms – liquid, dust,
powder and granules.

Dhanuka is the second largest Indian agrochemicals formulation Company in domestic brand sales.

4 manufacturing facilities located in NCR, J&K, Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Strong product portfolio of over 80 brands with 100% domestic sales.

Second largest rural distribution networks in India with over 7,500 direct dealers, selling to approx. 80,000 retailers.

Products are used by over 10 million farmers across India.

Dhanuka Agritech is among the top five companies in India, in Brand sales.

Partnership-driven revenues accounted for almost 44% of the Company’s revenue in 2016-17

With more than 200 registrations and 500 active SKUs, the company has one of the largest market penetrations.

Dhanuka Agritech currently has 30 Branch offices across India and 48 warehouses.

Company has Strategic Partnership with some of the world’s largest chemical companies like:

  • Nissan Chemical Japan
  • Mitsui Chemicals Inc. Japan
  • Sumitomo Chemical Japan
  • Arysta Life Science
  • FMC Corporation USA


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Positives for the Company:

  • Government guaranteed minimum prices for the majority of crops have increased by 30-110% in the past seven years giving thrust to rural incomes.
  • Dhanuka is a beneficiary with strong herbicides portfolio.
  • Company is consistently adding new specialty chemicals with the help of global innovators.
  • Has launched 15 new products in the past three years.(Product Portfolio is continuously increasing)
  • Profit Margins are expected to even increase further in the coming years.
  • New products and market expansion should increase the turnover.
  • Current Market Price is around Rs.696 & Marketcap is around Rs.3480 cr.

Should give good return in the Long Term.

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