ANG Lifesciences Ltd

About the Company:

ANG Lifesciences Limited’ incorporated in the year 2006, engaged in the business of manufacturing and marketing of finished pharmaceutical formulations in a dosage form of sterile dry powder injection vials.Company carry’s out the production through the state-of-the-art manufacturing unit spread over 45,000 Sq. Ft. situated at Village Kishan pura, P.O. Manpura Baddi Nalagarh Road, Tehsil Nalagarh, Dist. Solan, Himachal Pradesh. Presently, their total built up area is dedicated to manufacturing of Dry Powder Injectables.

Company is ISO-9001:2008 certified and has the modern & sophisticated plant, equipments, technique and manpower. The planning and construction of plant has been done to conform to the regulatory requirements. Company has a dedicated area and advanced equipments for manufacturing of B-Lactum & Non-B Lactum products as per GMP Norms.

The production block provides appropriate personnel and material flow. As per GMP norms, all the production processes are documented and validated to establish the accuracy of the procedures and the control measures. Company’s production capacity is 700 Lakhs Pcs per annum on per shift basis.

Company’s products include sterile dry powder vials for Anti Biotics, Anti Ulcerant, Gluco corticoid and Anti inflammatory, Anti malarial and Anesthetic.

Competitive Strengths of the Company:

  • Experienced Promoters and management team.
  • Strong Marketing capability.
  • Cordial relationship with Customers and suppliers.
  • Focus on Research and Development.

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Company’s Future Growth Strategies:

  • Expand Product Range.
  • Increasing Geographical Presence.
  • Focus on consistently meeting quality standards.


TOP  Shareholders:

Sr.No. Shareholder Name Number of Equity Shares held Percentage of Equity Share Capital %
1. Rajesh Gupta 36,70,515 99.67
2. Saruchi Gupta 10,000 0.27
3. Neeraj Gupta 500 0.01
Total 36,82,515 100%


Objectives of the Issue:

  • To meet the working capital requirement.
  • To meet the expenses of the Issue.


Advantage for Pharmaceutical Companies in India

Cost efficiency:

  • Low cost of production and R&D boosts efficiency of Indian pharma companies.
  • India’s cost of production is approximately 60 per cent lower than that of the US and almost half of that of Europe.
  • Due to lower cost of treatment, India is emerging as a leading destination for medical tourism.


Economic Growth drivers:

  • Economic prosperity to improve drug affordability.
  • Increasing penetration of health insurance.
  • Government support:
  • Government unveiled ‘PharmaVision 2020’aimed at making India a global leader in end manufacturer.
  • Reduced approval time for new facilities to boost investments.
  • In this sector,100 percent FDI is allowed under automatic route.

Management Team:

  1. Mr. Rajesh Gupta (Designation: Managing Director)
  2. Mrs. Saruchi Gupta (Designation: Whole Time Director)


Positives for the Company:

  • Experienced Promoters and management team.
  • Quality Assurance and Standards.
  • Strong Marketing capability.
  • Cordial relationship with Customers, suppliers and employees.
  • Focus on Research and Development.

Financials of the Company:

(in Crores) FY 13 FY 14 FY 15 FY 16 FY 17
Revenue  16.28  34.61  36.93  55.13  67.91
Net Profit  (-0.06)  0.20  0.40  1.65  2.92


IPO Details:

Details Info
Issue Opens on 29th August 2017
Isue Closes on:. 31st August 2017
Issue Price Rs.80
Face Value Rs.10
Minimum Lot 1600
Minimum Investment Rs.1,28,000
Issue Constitutes 28.95%
Issue Size Rs.12.01 cr
Market Cap Rs.41.46 cr
Listing at BSE SME
Equity Shares Offered 15,00,800
Equity Shares Prior 36,82,515
Equity Shares after the issue 51,82,515