Shish Industries Ltd

About the Company:

Shish Industries Limited is a manufacturer & exporter of plastic corrugated sheets, and are leading in this industry for more than 3 years. Shish Industries Limited is about to launch new generation of 5 Ply (Layer) Plastic corrugated sheets first time in the world with patent registration in India. The company manufactures high quality Plastic corrugated boards and exports its products to various countries like U.A.E, Myanmar and Oman.

The plastic corrugated sheets are flexible and as well as tough, to use in various industries and application like Construction – Building, Humanitarian Relief, Signage Board, Pet enclosures Packaging, Hobby Applications, Medical, Advertisement etc.

The Plastic corrugated sheets are used in the following areas:

In buildings: It is an ideal material for shutters in areas that experience strong summer storms. It is 200 times stronger than glass; five times lighter than plywood and the plastic does not require regular painting to maintain its color.

Humanitarian Relief: Plastic Corrugated Sheet is ideal for temporary shelters need after flood, earthquake and other disasters. The lightweight sheets are easily  transported by air. Easy to handle and fix to wooden frames their waterproof and insulating properties offer rapid shelter solutions when compared to traditional  materials such as tarpaulins and corrugated steel sheets.

In Signage: It is available in a wide variety of colors, is readily printed on (typically using UV printing) and can easily be fixed using a wide variety of methods – its light weight being an important factor.

In Advertisement: Plastic corrugated sheets are used as sign board, shop window displays, pop-up displays, exhibition boards, picture frame backing, digital printing and screen-printing. All sheets are electro statically treated by corona discharge to allow specifically formulated inks and adhesives to adhere.

Company’s Brands are as Follows:

STAGGUARD : It is a 5 ply product, it can be use for various industries like automobile, construction, food, chemical & pharmaceutical industries and all type of packing industries, heavy partitions and used instead of ply woods.

ADDCOR : It is a 3 ply lightweight product, It’s used mainly for advertising, printing, best for kiosks and display.

GLASSTICK : It is a 5 ply product. It is used for decorative partitions, windows for furniture and to build green houses.

CORRBOX : It is a 3 ply and specially 5 ply product. It is strong & durable for reusable. It is printable and can be creased, cut and joints easily to make packaging boxes.

SAFFGUARD : It is a 3 ply product, can be used generally anywhere. Used for Advertising, packaging, floor protection, Shuttering plate protection in building construction industries.

ROOFBOARD : It is a 5 ply product as it is easy in fabrication. It is used in roofing. For temporary or permanent shelter.

Objectives of the Issue:

  • Capital Expenditure.
  • Working Capital Requirement.
  • General Corporate Purpose.
  • Meeting Public Issue Expenses.


TOP  Shareholders:

Sr.No. Shareholder Name Number of Equity Shares held Percentage of Equity Share Capital %
1. Mr. Satishkumar Maniya 1538728 49.793
2. Mr. Rameshbhai Kakadiya 1501505 48.589
3. Mrs. Nitaben Maniya 10000 0.324
4. Mr. Jigneshbhai Maniya 10000 0.324
5. Mr. Dayabhai Maniya 10000 0.324
6. Mrs. Jalvinben Kakadiya 10000 0.324
7. Mr. Virjibhai Kakdiya 10000 0.324
Total 3090233 100%


Qualitative Factors of the Company:

  • Diversified Product Portfolio.
  • Prime Location of our Factory (Manufacturing Unit)
  • Quality Assurance.


Future Growth Strategies:

  • Expansion of Existing Capacities.
  • Introduction of wide ranges of products and especially customized products.
  • Increasing Geographical Presence.

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Company’s Management Team:

  1. Mr. Satishkumar Maniya (Designation: Chairman & Managing Director)
  2. Mr. Ramehsbhai Kakadiya (Designation: Whole-Time Director)
  3. Mrs. Nitaben Maniya (Designation: Non – Executive Director)


Positives for the Company:

  • Diversified Product Portfolio.
  • Since company has innovative Products range, therefore have huge demand in the market.(Scope for growth)
  • Corrugated Sheets are Strong, durable and less expensive, hence it‘s in high demand.
  • Launching new generation of 5 Ply (Layer) Plastic corrugated sheets first time in the world with patent registration in India.

Financials of the Company:

(in Crores) FY 15 FY 16 FY 17
Revenue 0.98 3.87 5.36
Net Profit (-0.26) 0.032 0.055


IPO Details:

Details Info
Issue Opens on 23rd August 2017
Isue Closes on:. 28th August 2017
Issue Price Rs.30
Face Value Rs.10
Minimum Lot 4000 Shares
Minimum Investment Rs.1,20,000
Issue Size Rs.4.05 cr
Issue Constitutes 30.44%
Market Cap Rs.13.32 cr
Listing at BSE SME
Equity Shares Offered 13,52,000
Equity Shares Prior 30,90,233
Equity Shares after the issue 44,42,233


Important Dates:

Finalisation of Basis of Allotment on or Before 31st August 2017
Initiation of Refunds on or Before 1st September 2017
Credit of Equity Shares: on or Before 4th September 2017
Listing Date: on or Before 5th September 2017