Pashupati Cotspin Ltd.

About the Company:

Pashupati Cotspin Ltd is engaged in the business of processing of Kapas (raw cotton) by way of Ginning of cotton, spinning of cotton yarn and delineating Process. The products manufactured by the Company include Cotton bales, Cotton yarn and Black Cotton seeds (Delineate Seeds). By setting up of the Ginning and Spinning unit Company has entered into a forward integration of the Textile industry by manufacturing of cotton yarn.

Manufacturing facility of the Company is situated at Kadi of Mehsana District in Gujarat state which is close to the rich cotton growing areas of Maharashtra and Saurashtra (region) of Gujarat. The company has established a capacity of the spindlage of total 25536 spindle, and 56 ginning units.Company’s plant is equipped with modern and automatic plant and machinery.

Company’s manufacturing facility is well equipped with modern spinning technology and processing techniques because of which they are able to ensure quality yarn. Our Company is also using the storage space available with them for the purpose of letting it out to customers and thereby earning lease rentals as consideration.

Strengths of the Company:

  • Experienced Promoters : Promoters have more than 20 years experience in the cotton textile industry.
  • Location advantage of manufacturing unit : The area has all the infrastructure facilities required for a spinning unit.
  • Scalable Business Model.

Company’s Future Growth Strategies:

  • Entering into new geographies.
  • To improve operational efficiencies.

Objectives of the Issue:

  • To Meet Working Capital Requirement.
  • General Corporate Purpose.
  • To Meet the Issue Expenses.

Management Team:

  1. Mr.Saurin Jagdish Bhai Parikh (Designation: Chairman and Managing Director)
  2. Mr. Trivedi Tushar (Designation: Whole Time Director)
  3. Mr. Dakshesh Jayantilal Patel (Designation: Non-Executive Director)


TOP 10 Shareholders:

Sr.No. Shareholder Name Number of Equity Shares held Percentage of Equity Share Capital %
1. Mr. Saurin Jagdish Bhai Parikh 17,25,000 23.00
2. Mrs. Falguni Mitesh Parikh 11,25,000 15.00
3. Mrs. Renukaben Jagdish Chandra Parikh 9,75,000 13.00
4. Mrs. Hariprabha Arvindbhai Parikh 9,75,000 13.00
5. Mr. Ashish Rameshchandra Trivedi 6,00,000 8.00
6. Mr. Mukeshkumar V Patel 6,00,000 8.00
7. Mr. Bhaveshkumar Jayantilal Patel 5,25,000 7.00
8. Mr. Dakshesh Jayantilal Patel 5,25,000 7.00
9. Mr. Trivedi Tushar R 2,25,000 3.00
10. Mrs. Toralben U Brahmbhatt 2,25,000 3.00
Total 75,00,000 100%


Positives for the Company:

  • Experienced Promoters.
  • Location advantage of our manufacturing unit.
  • Forward Integration.
  • Cost effective production and timely fulfillment of orders.
  • Scalable Business Model.
  • Government gives incentives for the growth of the Textile sector.
  • Entering into new geographies
  • Huge growth potential.

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Financials of the Company:

(in Crores) FY 14 FY 15 FY 16 FY 17
Revenue 75.28 265.80 262.35 279.20
Net Profit 0.32 8.08 8.43 13.48

IPO Details:

Details Info
Issue Opens on 28th August 2017
Isue Closes on:. 31st August 2017
Issue Price Rs.75
Face Value Rs.10
Minimum Lot 1600
Minimum Investment Rs.1,20,000
Issue Constitutes 27.07%
Issue Size Rs.20.88 cr
Market Cap Rs.77.13 cr
Listing at NSE SME
Equity Shares Offered 27,84,000
Equity Shares Prior 75,00,000
Equity Shares after the issue 1,02,84,000